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Precast Concrete Well Tiles for Dug Wells
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Our Precast Concrete Well Tiles
Our precast concrete well tiles have an inside diameter of 36 inches and heights of 12 & 24 inches.  They are available with poured bottoms as well as perforated sides.  The concrete well tile covers come in standard and heavy duty plus specialty sizes.  Well tile products are cast using 4000 psi concrete with continuous 6 x 6 x 10 inch wire mesh.

If you are digging a well then you need a shallow well water system like our precast concrete well tiles.  Conctact Us today for pickup or delivery of your concrete well tile system.
Precast Concrete Well Tiles & Dug Well Covers
Precast Concrete Well Tiles, Well Covers, Perforated Well Tiles
Our Dug well water system is pictured above.  From top to bottom: Precast Concrete Well Cover, Precast Concrete Well Tile, and Precast Concrete Perforated Well Tile.  We have the water well products you need for your dug well project.
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